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Exercises for Tennis Elbow ab workouts for women

So, it’s the new year and you are ready to rock your body into shape. After several workouts or house work or some other repetitive arm movement, you have this deep subtle pain in your elbow. Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is a common condition caused when the tendons connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow are irritated and inflamed usually after repetitive use of the wrist or arm. Pain located along the outside of the elbow is the primary symptom and usually can be self-diagnosed. Although typical treatment is rest, pain relievers and physical therapy, you still want to workout. You can modify most exercises for tennis elbow to make them healthy for your recovery.

Let’s first talk about rehab and relief for your elbow. The following workouts for tennis elbow are meant to gently strengthen your elbow and the muscles surrounding it. This is a good video to show you a few easy at home stretches and weighted movements that can help with strengthening the elbow:

In this video, Jamie gives you more information about tennis elbow and a few exercises for tennis elbow:

If any of these exercises are causing you further pain, you should see a doctor. If the pain is mild, an over-the-counter pain reliever may help.

If you are wondering if you can still get in legitimate workouts when you have tennis elbow, you can. Of course you can still work your butt off with cardio and lower body workouts. My friend was telling me about some Baltimore MD Tennis Lessons she had and her instructor really helped her refine her technique, its always a good idea to get a professional opinion on workouts for improving your tennis play. Maybe this is surprising to you, but biking can actually be really hard on your elbows and taking a break from that activity may be a good idea. Also, if your upper body strength training caused your tennis elbow, you should probably take a break from that. If your condition was not caused by weight lifting, you may be able to cut down on weights and repetitions and still be able to strength train. Check out this video from Tennis Elbow Classroom for more information: As well as this guide by BSO.

The best way to get your elbow stronger and try to avoid this condition in the future, is to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your arms so they are strong and flexible enough for your activities. Check out these 5 fail proof exercises for tennis elbow, these are specifically for prevention:

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